Visualcoaching Webclient

Do I have to buy the Webclient as well?

No. You can just use Visualcoaching Pro and make as many documents as you like. Being the owner of Pro, you can view your own work in the cloud as well as on your computer. However if you want other people to view your documents online they will need a Webclient account.

If you don't use Webclient accounts, you will have to send the documents to your clients as PDF files. This works very well and is unlimited. The client just cant play any movie clips or fill out training diaries. They need a Webclient to do that.

What is the benefit of having a Webclient?

Your clients have their own private account using a username and password that you set.
Your clients can fill out training diaries after sessions are completed, and that information is pushed to you immediately. This also means you can analyse their training and produce reports. Your clients can play all the clips from the exercises your prescribe, from any device, anywhere and anytime.

How much does the Webclient cost?

$79 per annum (less than 22 cents per day) but we do offer discounts for bulk orders.