General Questions

Can I download Visual Coaching Pro?

No the software is too large to download due to the 6500 movies. Once you order online, either as a purchase or a free trial, you will receive a DVD containing the software at the postal address you nominated.

Is Visualcoaching only for Strength & Conditioning Coaches?

Absolutely not. It is software for any coach working in any sport. The exercises are included with other coaching modules so you have one software package for teaching, coaching, writing sessions or creating periodized annual plans.

If I want my athletes to view programs online will they need a WebClient?

Only if the athlete wants to view movie clips online or complete training diaries. If you dont need those features, you wont need webclients. They will receive a PDF version of your documents instead.

Do you offer support?

Yes we are fanatical about our support. If you need help with anything just ask. We treat our customers the same way we would like to be treated. So ask away.

Why dont you have lighter versions of Visualcoaching Pro? Because I dont need all the other modules.

Our philosophy is that everything should be at the coaches fingertips. We dont believe in removing certain features because one day you may want to access them. We prefer that you have those features available when that time comes, and not have to pay extra for it.

Is there an app for Visualcoaching Pro?

Well sort of. If you want to make documents this needs to be done from your computer. The program is too detailed to work effectively as an app, however anything you create can be viewed from tablets and phones using our mobile web. It looks just like an app but we don't require you to download or purchase any apps from Apple or Google Play.